I was inspired by my dad's story that during the time he was working in different companies, none of them had an online database or a website with all information about employees.

What it does

This HR website is designed for users to be able to register, login and make their profiles, save notes and goals. This technically could be used for a company to maintain their own working environment and all information about their employees.

How I built it

This website was made using HTML/CSS/Vue.js for the front end development and Django/Python/SQLite for the back end.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges involved working with django, when using Rest APIs, it was not clear on how to access all those class objects in different html templates.

How to style the project and implement all kinds of views to access specific instances or members of the objects.

Also styling, because it demands a good creativity and CSS/JavaScript knowledge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is functioning properly and fully. It should be also bug free.

What I learned

A lot about Django libraries and implementation of different tasks as a whole.

What's next for HRPlat

The HR Platform can be improved by adding some Careers page with position listings and maybe resume selection process.

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