DAOs are an essential part of any blockchain ecosystem. However, a problem plaguing them is easy of accounting and general usability. DAO managers many times have to hire developers to write and manage some functionalities for them, community members have difficult time getting access to some data and often time have to rely on the dao managers to provide the requested data, DAOs still having to rely on manually tracking expenses and general book-keeping. These problems led us to create HrDAO.

What it does

HrDAO is an automatic DAO creation and managing platform. It lets users create DAO very easily via email and also enables easy management of the accounts and community with deep integration with discord and twitch. With our open source protocol, we have been able to add the following features.


Invoice Generation and Request :Treasury Managers can send and receive Invoices directed at the treasury account. Users Receive notifications on their devices whenever a new invoice is sent to their account. Invoices can also be easily paid with a single click, this then generates an NFT receipt and stores the transaction on chain for easy reference and book keeping. This increases ease of use, transparency and enables proliferation of DAOs.

Discord and Twitch Bot Integration: It is well known that most DAO community are either on discord or twitch, for this reason, our platform enables deep integration with them(discord and twitch). Community members can very easily request and carry out transactions such as voting on proposals, creating proposals, querying accounting statistics, transfer tokens, swap tokens, buy tokens, etc straight from discord and twitch without having to leave the community discussion. This would increase more community participation and transparency. It also enables easy control and management of community by social Media influencers who are interested in creating a dao from their followers.

Report Generation and Advanced Analytics : Our report generation tool provides a comprehensive report of dao activities without the account managers having to manually track account activities and export to a spreadsheet. We have removed the hassle and stress of doing that. DAO managers can get different types of comprehensive report in many different ways. Examples of reports possible are: Income statement, cash flow and balance sheet. Our advanced analytics tool enables the users to get into more details of transactions, user details and to generally carry out more advanced data science tools that is not readily available in other platforms.

Easy Creation and Management of Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens : DAO managers can easily create NFTs and Fungible Tokens for the community, schedule drop shipping and giveaway to random or specific users easily due to our discord and twitch deep integration.

Wallet: Our platform also acts as a wallet for easy on-ramping to enable new users create account and get involved.

In-built Swap feature: Users can swap between USDC and DAO token easily.

Multi-signatory Account Creation and Management: Multisig accounts can be easily created and managed, the multisig accounts receive notifications to the mobile phone or web app when there's a pending transaction.

Defense against Rug pulls : While the space of DAOs and cryptocurrency continue to evolve, the space still has a lot of scam projects, we protect our users from this by alerting them of any and all initiated transactions even before the transaction completes. Users can veto the transaction when those requesting for it to be vetoed reach a certain percentage. This is possible through our discord and twitch integration.

Website Integration: Our website has a list of all daos created through the platform and enables users to join any of the daos and view statistics about them.

How we built it

We created 6 things: a web app; Flutter a website:ReactJS 2 mobile apps (android and IOS):Flutter 2 bots (discord and twitch):Discord.js and tmi.js packages. Flutter is a great quick tool for creating stable projects across multiple platforms, we utilized it in creating the web app and mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

The hedera SDK was difficult to understand initially, but we were able to scale through by quickly trying things and getting help from the discord server

Accomplishments that we're proud of and Things we learnt

We are proud that we have been able to successfully deploy all the smart contracts and apps. Pushing code to production is more important than waiting for perfection.

What's next for HrDAO

We plan to take the project to the next level after the hackathon by listening to feedbacks from the community regarding our tool, and possible areas of improvement, we would then go back and implement those improvements and then finally move to the mainnet

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