Teammate Evan Bakkal

What it does

Finds the answer of HQ Trivia questions by screenshotting the questions and answers and parsing the image. It then takes the text and removes stop words. It then queries google will just the key words and finds the number of results returned by the search. The option with the most results win. This project also has the option to add questions and answers to a google spreadsheet to build a database in which the program can learn from past questions and answers.

How I built it

Python and external libraries as well as some bash commands for getting Android phone screenshots from device.

Challenges I ran into

Getting screen captures of question and answers and parsing them. Refining the question and answers that provide accurate and meaningful search result numbers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using little prior knowledge of Python to implement the language in a big project like this.

What I learned

How to use different external libraries in python. How to get text from an image. How to refine google searches and querying google for the number of search results

What's next for hqtrivsolver

Adding machine learning algorithms that make finding the correct answer more reliable and accurate. I also want to add support for other live quiz app games that are similar to HQ Trivia.

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