Build Status

It's HQ... on the blockchain!

Just create a new game and share the link with your friends. It's hours of decentralized family fun! Need more friends? Post the link publicly and allow anyone in the world to participate. note: the player with the highest score must withdraw their winnings.


HQ wasn't on the blockchain. We decided to make HQ better by putting it on the blockchain.

How we built it

First, place a Ganache in the Truffle Box. Drizzle on the blockchain as desired and serve immediately.

Challenges we ran into

Application layer Interaction of the smart contract with our client-side web3 instance was a nightmare. Our solution took lots of head-scratching and keyboard bashing.

Solidity When using the factory approach we had difficulty determining 'ownership' of a new daughter contract. Our solution was to pass the msg.sender to the daughter's constructor in order to explicitly declare daughter's owner.

We were unable to test our payable function in a solidity test contract game.register.value(entryFee)(playerName);

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing a working game and user-interface in such a short period of time!

What we learned

Ethereum is a very long way from being a suitable platform for any business solutions. We had a lot of fun though!

What's next

Rest and recover.

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