Larry and I decided to do a health app because he is a computer engineering major and has the knowledge to code. On the other hand I am a nursing major so I was able to help with the health content, design/layout and ideas for the app. The inspiration came from Larry's interest in web development, my interest in health, and our shared desire for a simple health app that we can talk to.

What it does

The first thing that you will see when you open the app is a one time page to enter your personal information. It will then be saved locally. Next is the Nutrition page where you will be able to search for the foods that you have eaten and also get brand name items. There is a card that will appear with all of the nutritional facts and than a plus sign in the upper right corner to add it to your overall summary on the Track page. Once the plus sign is clicked it will disappear from the search page and appear on the Track page. In the next workout tab you can use natural language to describe your workout and get results with the calories that you have burned from that workout. This page is similar to the Nutrition page since once you click the plus button it also disappears and is added to the Track page. Once on the Track page you can view your total calories consumed and burned with a net result displayed. Underneath the caloric information will be the total list of all the foods and workouts that you have added for the day. Lastly there is a news tab. This tab has updated health articles that can be viewed.

How we built it

We used Vue.Js and Quasar, two Javascript frameworks, to design a web app and export it into a hybrid Android app.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to authenticate with the Nutronix API, determining what layout our app should have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

News Feed and natural language search

What we learned

How RSS Feeds work, how to make an app look presentable, and how general nutrition requirements are calculated

What's next for HpUp

Real login system, and better display data.

Built With

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