HACC 2020

What the project is about:

COVID-19 Chat Bot made by HPU-CSCI3911-Group1 is a web app aiming to help people to get to know more about COVID-19 updates in the state of Hawaii. Information is extracted from the state’s websites; and In this 24-7 available app, you can ask the chatbot open-ended COVID-19 related questions and receive a response. The chatbot will provide an accurate answer to the user’s question or direct the user to the appropriate agency (DOH, DOT, physician, etc) for more information. This Chatbot will function on multiple platforms (desktop and mobile) and will NOT collect Personally identifiable information. In addition, the chatbot has voice-to-text capabilities.

Challenges we ran into:

At first, we tried to connect Django to Dialogflow, but in the end, we couldn't get them to talk. So we looked towards node.js and that became a better option for us.

Things we are proud of

We are proud of learning how to use new platforms, frameworks, and APIs when creating our project.

What we learned

We learned that a chatbot is way more useful than we thought as it is a condensed way to acquire information that could take hours to find out as it is spread throughout the internet. Although, with the used of a chatbot it could be learned and accessed in one place.

What's next for our COVID Chatbot "Chester"

Implement more COVID-19 related information

Expand its used on multiple platforms

Train the bot to have smoother answers

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