Inspired by ENS and Unstoppable Domains, we hope this HPB Name Service (HSN) project can be unstoppable too!

What it does

HPB Name Service is the domain name service on the HPB network. Mint your .hpb domain as an NFT asset which binds to your address and set records for your website, email, twitter tag and set a description and avatar.

  • Mint an ERC721 nft and view it on
  • Bind your website, email, twitter to your domain
  • Edit avatar records to change the NFT image
  • Browse domains on the webapp

How we built it

Solidity for smart contract, React for front-end, Netlify for hosting, Namecheap for domain name and of course, HPB blockchain. Being able to get tokens from the HPB faucet helped alot. We were able to launch the project directly onto HPB mainnet.

Challenges we ran into

We had many failed transactions and realised the transactions were running out of gas. Metamask was not estimating gas good enough, so we had to trail and error different gas limits with ethersjs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching HPB Name Service on HPB mainnet!

What we learned

HPB chain provides random number generator through hardware-based random number generating (HRNG). This is something we did not get to try for this project. But we will find opportunity to try it.

What's next for HPB Name Service

We have priced the minting at very low cost. From 0.01 $HPB to 0.05 $HPB. We hope that this project can bring many more new wallets to the HPB chain. We will set up Twitter and connect with other HPB projects

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