Personal financial insights using data from the GUASFCU API, using Amazon Echo


To provide banking customers with details about their financial history that viewing a standard account page would not provide. This information is expressed through an Amazon Echo, allowing data to be verbalized.

What it does

EchoDog is able to query the GUASFCU API and fetch customer data such as transactions, account amounts, and the history of the user dating back to at least a year. This data is then able to be manipulated in such ways, for example so that the user can get an idea of how much their spending in the last two weeks relates to their yearly spending. Our Alexa skill is also able to recognize positive spending habits and give encouragement to users.

How we build it

We built this project using the Alexa developer tools, for utterances, wrote our intents in Python and forwarded a local HTTPS endpoint through ngrock.

Challenges we ran into

Since SSH was blocked on the network, it was initially difficult to host our application over AWS, and use secure shell virtual machines. However, we overcame this using ngrock which allowed us to use our local computers as an endpoint for Alexa.

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