Proper washing can help extend the life of your clothes, on the other hand - it is involving a very tedious process of sorting the clothes.

What it does

It can help you to store your clothes washing labels info. With this info I can create a laundry list with specified criterias.

How we built it

As we are newbies at development process - we decided to use chatbots, as a great starting point.

Challenges we ran into

Telegram bot could be written in multiple languages and variety of frameworks, so it was hard to google documentaion of the exact one we used. We also don't have a lot of experience in javascript (~2 weeks), so we had to cooperate and learn on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to complete the project and build a prototype using the technologies we are not adept at.

What we learned

How to write simple telegram bot. Hot to work with javascript and node.js.

What's next for HowToWashIt

We really wanted to create something useful, still do not have enough knowledge in some fields like databases or machine learning.

In the future we would like to enhance our project by:

  • Setting up a database and store data there;
  • Adding Machine Learning and Computer vision functionality to make our bot even more accessible and simple to use.
  • Make our bot available on other messengers.
  • Building standalone mobile apps for iOS and Android

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