How To Train Your Cat

Have you ever wanted to play with a cat but didn't have access to one? Have you ever wanted to cuddle with a kitty but your roommates are deathly allergic? Well lucky for you, we created How To Train Your Cat!

What Is It?

How to Train Your Cat (HTTYC) is a fun little web app made so that you can play with a cat without ever leaving your laptop. Gaze lovingly at the adorable kitty as it walks around or just lounges in front of you. You can even give it some commands, but like a real cat, it doesn't always listen to you.

What Can I Do?

HTTYC lets you either press buttons to give commands or just say them out loud! Go to Info to learn more about owning cats and how to help rescue kitties and other wonderful animals.

How Did We Make This?

We used Javascript, HTML, CSS, and lots and lots of Capri-Suns to create this web app. Many laughs, naps, and puzzles later, we had a functioning project!

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