Never miss your memories. Save your stories and experiences (good or bad) just by making a phone call.

Why we need it

Writing a Journal has advantages

  • keep track goals
  • key lessons learnt
  • motivates you on daily basis

But we are really busy to write down and even busier to remember to journal. So, wouldn't that be great to get a message to make your journal. You don't have to write anything just call!

How it works

Register using your name, email and save the time you are free at the end of the day. You'll get a message something like this

Hey Dave,
How was your day? Call +1917746XXXX to save your experience of the day.

You call the number when free and voice log your experience of the day. Don't worry about the logs, every time you hang up your voice file is saved for you.

Under the hood

Twilio Voice Recording / Messaging API running on Node JS SDK. The backend is AWS MySQL RDS.

Built With

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