The Howlocal system uses blockchain technology to identify the origin and sustainability of the products on the farmers market. We propose to facilitate collaboration between an NGO and governmental sector. The NGO helps to bridge the digital gap for the farmers, manage data of the product and indicate sustainable local products with reusable signs with a QR code in the beginning of the day on the farmers market. So the customers can read the QR and know where their food came from and how it has been grown. There is a possibility for the customers to give feedback about the farmers and their product. The main data source is the EU agricultural data system, the block-chain gives traceability and transparency and avoids data security problems. Big companies like Walmart use this technology already. So blockchain technology now helps to make the corporations’ activity more reliable and transparent, as well as allows tracking the stages of production and thus guarantees the highest quality of products. The Howlocal makes transparent food traceability in the EU by using existing technology and democratizing it.

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