Howl fills a vacuum in todays enterprise product marketplace buying process. Howl helps enterprise customers voice, record and share their opinions about various services and products they use on a day to day basis as Amazon does for consumer products. This in turn makes the market competitive, transparent and accessible.

Today's typical enterprise service buying scenario: an IT architect is asked to provide recommendations on say, purchasing a Cloud Computing service. He formulates an early opinion either based on vendors' websites (biased) or painstakingly research blog posts (questionable credibility) or through expensive analyst materials (artificial and maybe biased). A thorough investigation is hard and almost always never done. This needs to change.

Salesforce's rich CRM and Support databases provide a rare opportunity and permission to build Howl enterprise reviews and become a ubiquitous influencer on enterprise market, similar to say Amazon's influence over the retail product market or Yelp in casual dining market.

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