How I met Corona

Did I have contact with an infected person in the last two weeks? "How I met Corona" uses existing data to get a little closer to the answer.




All over the world people are encouraged to practice SocialDistancing. However, contact with fellow human beings cannot always be avoided and thus, for example, an infection can occur while shopping. In the case of symptoms you are asked to go into quarantine at home. It is estimated that one third of those infected have a mild course and therefore do not always attribute their symptoms to the virus. In addition, up to 24 hours before the first symptoms appear, infected persons are at risk of infection.


A large part of the population uses smartphones and the Google Maps application. In many cases, this application stores the movement profile of the user, which can then be downloaded.


Infected people can donate their movement profile of the last few weeks. Other users can now also upload their movement profile. This is then compared with the data in the database, and in the event of overlaps, the user is informed where and when he or she may have come into contact with infected persons. This enables the user to act responsibly and to adapt his behaviour accordingly.


  • Python 3
  • Postgres


Clone repo

With https:

git clone

Or with ssh:

git clone

Setup venv

In the same directory you entered git clone (not inside the "howimetcorona" directory) enter:

python3 -m venv howimetcorona-env
source howimetcorona-env/bin/activate 

Enter the prodject directory:

cd howimetcorona

Install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create .env file

The .env file should contain your database connection string and the DEBUG setting:


Run initial migrations

python migrate

Run server

python runserver

Now you can access the application on http://localhost:8000



Submit data


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