We, being Freshmen of Texas A&M found the campus quite broad. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, the ability to navigate around the campus still remained an necessity. Our day to day experiences twere already a "Savenger Hunt" themselves as we had to search for certain buildingns remembering certain "clues" about them. What better way than to make a painful activity fun by adding competition through Aggie Clues!

What it does

Aggieland Adventure provides clues and to specific locations on campus in a mobile application. When the user is near the location, the phone's GPS will show the nearest distance in miles on the app. One the user reaches the destination, the backend server will be notified and a successful find will be recorded in the database.In the app, the user will be able to see the description of the historical significance of the monument/location in the app. Finally, a website will show a realtime leaderboard of the high scores of other players.

How we built it

Android App : Xamarin Backend : Node, Express, and Mongo Leader Board Website : React JS

Leaderboard Website

Utilizing the power of React.js Rave and Urjeet and created an elegant leaderboard website that connected to Saketh's API. The app is hosted on the same nginx server as the API

Challenges we faced

Since our most of our team didn't have any language in common, collaborating with the frontend team about the API was very difficult and time consuming. However, during the last 12 hours, we came up with a system for us to deal with the code bugs on each of our teammates end that increased out productivity exponentially

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud of how we were able to completely speed up our debugging process after the 1st day.

We learned

We learned that we can utilize javascript as a flexible technology for a variety of technologies from Front-end web and interface design as well as the back-end lower level aspects of gps access and calculation

What's next for Aggieland Adventure

Enable daily clues to be generated for the user procedurally. Create a reliable method of uniquely identify the users. Give out prizes funded by part of the ad-revenue. Write cheat detection that will get all of an Aggie's cellphone data and report them to administration for disciplining.

Built With

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