When we sat down to talk about what was a problem in Howard County, we realized that we couldn't name a single person who could fix them legislatively. We thought that many other people probably didn't know about our representatives too.

What it does

It is essentially a portal that sends you to different pages, internal and external. the original idea was a lot more ambitious, making what is essentially an ultimate portal to every representative and council in the county.

How we built it

Html and css, it is quite basic after all

Challenges we ran into

I last used Html 2 years ago and did not realize how much I had forgot. I essentially had to learn it from the ground up again in order to make this, and my teammate couldn't help me because she too did not know html very well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every single line written was a challenge, yet the website works and looks quite good. We are proud of everything that we created.

What we learned

Basic Html and css, a lot about our local government, and how to properly communicate with teammates.

What's next for Howard County Representatives

If we continue with this project, we could make a simple to edit and use portal to all the Howard County government websites. The mess that is the current tree of links and websites is not easy to navigate and is quite ugly, perhaps this website could be a more modern replacement.

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