"How are you" By asking this question, we know how people feel. However, how do we know how people felt in the past from what they have produced in the past including their photos, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. We came up with the idea to dig up the past sentiments from the most recently developed technology, and from there, we can know people's past with a single glance of the result.

What it does

It reads people's tweet and photos to analyse people's emotion in their timeline

How we built it

The Project is written in python with the help of Microsoft Computer Vision API to analyse faces in the photo, meanwhile, our self-developed text analyse algorithm helps us to extract emotions from lines of text. Amazon Alexa provide a human interface to interact with users to provide an analytical result in a human-friendly way.

Challenges we ran into

""Integration of multiple API interfaces"" ""Text Analyse"" ""BIG DATA""

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful integration of multiple API and multiple sources of feed in material.

What's next for How_Does_Trump_Feel

To provide a better user interface to enable more possibilities of people's feeling from their footage. Alexa skill will be enhanced to fit in general purpose An extra footage of sentimental analyse can be seen here

And We are from University of Sheffield

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posted an update

Trump is the ideal target for this project since he is very emotional on his tweets and his tweets are somehow personal. Of course, huge amount of them make data analysis more reliable

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