We wanted our first Hackathon project to be a web application in which we used some api learn a develop our skills and this idea was born from that motivation.

What it does

Basically this web app uses IBM Bluemix's emotional textual analysis api to record the sentiment of an entire text document which the user will place in. Based on the information from the API and keywords which we have chosen, we will give back a correct response.

How we built it

We used flask, server side, python to migrate api and main information while using HTML and CSS for a nice ui.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding python and HTML integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished

What we learned

Python, CSS, HTML, FLASK, IBM Watson Bluemix api

What's next for How Was Your Day

Maybe updating the keywords so that it can understand more than just the specific ones we have given it.

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