A newly formed team, most of us had never met before but had similar ideas about an app you could take photos with, do something clever with it and show some fun stuff. This evolved into using Microsoft Cognitive Services to process those photos and check for emotion. Then Trump got involved... Alt text

What it does

The app centres around a Power App that allows someone to submit a photo with a few words saying how they feel about the conference so far. This ultimately gets submitted to a SharePoint list to view everything with a Power BI dashboard to give it a prettier view. This meant we could get a treemap of how everyone was feeling and a wordmap of what they were saying. Most importantly though, we could show the Top Trumpers.

How we built it

We split in to different areas of focus with one group looking at the Power App, one looking at the Cognitive Services calls and another looking at getting the image uploaded. Then as these got completed, we brought it all back together in one seamless....ok, semi-seamless whole. Then we realised that a Power BI dashboard would look good with it so added that too.

Challenges we ran into

Surprisingly, we found the hardest sounding parts easiest and the simpler ones caused most trouble. Using the Cognitive Services was really simple and the sample api calls on the documentation meant you could quickly try things out. Initally, we were calling this via REST with an WebHttpClient which caused a few problems but then we found the Nuget packages (NB - always check to see if others have done the hard work first!) and we were full steam ahead again.

Far harder was getting PowerApps to write the photo in to SharePoint. After some furious googling, we found that it wasn't possible and certainly not in hackathon timings so we followed a recommendation of pushing it to Azure Blob Storage instead and then wrote the URL in to SharePoint. Once that was done, we were on easy street.

The final challenge was getting some content. What we needed was everyone together in one place and potentially with a few beers down them so they'd be happy to let us take a photo. If only there had been an event like that on Wednesday night.... Joking aside, thanks to the organisers for putting on a special get together just for our app - amazing venue and great event all round.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What are we proud of? A group of people, most of whom had never met before, came together with a range of skills and got something running across multiple platforms quickly! We showed what it means for end users to get something running quickly with only a few bits of code needed. We had some fun doing it.

What we learned

Flow and Power Apps are great but still a lot of missing features such as Flow being able to process JSON text and Power Apps being able to write images to SharePoint. Feels like you hit issues/missing features pretty quickly still which is a shame.

Also learnt that people don't like Trump and are happy not to look like him! But I think we could have guessed that.

What's next for How Trump are you?

Who knows! It's a great demo of some of the tools and maybe it can evolve for future events. I'd love to pick up more of the Cognitive Services and process more. But maybe it's enough Trump for now

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