How to think web development using React

It's on Spanish and English, so you can find both code and article inside the repository.


My goal was to focus this tutorial not on particular steps to achieve a real implementation but the code and the ideas behind this thinking process.

I saw a lot tutorials on the web, focus mostly on how to implement something instead of doing a research or leaving to the user the task of implementation in order to learn more about that tool. I tried in this tutorial to show a little bit of that, using more an article format than a tutorial one

So, I invite you to take a look into the text and read it as a book, or maybe an article, and think at the end how you can bring your ideas to the ground and focus in how you can make real. Instead of loosing time in which tool you have to choose on the entire Internet, just think first on the idea that you have, process it, design it and then implement it.

Why React?

Because it's built with a core and simple idea: modular components, and casually your thinking process as human being, it's really attach to it, so it's really easy to understand how to build something using this library. You only have to understand the theory behind and the workflow, before throw something into the page.

Thank you everyone for reading it, I hope you like it, Ignacio

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