I'm almost an adult! I still have a poor grasp about financial literacy, despite knowing so much about tons of other spaces. I don't know how to do my taxes, I don't know about health insurance, and I definitely don't know about life insurance. Learn to Health Insurance is an app designed for millenials to guide them through the basics of life insurance, so they aren't lost when they finally need it.

What it does

It brings responsive design and intuitive gesture controls, all that we're used to from other apps, to life insurance. Moreover, it provides context aware help, a one-click help button to call your mom / dad (because, really, we still rely on them!), and real data-backed machine learning to guide your decisions.

How I built it

I took a lot of what I knew before (React Native, even PHP) and blended it with new ideas (several new React components, Google Prediction, TensorFlow). I diagrammed everything out but also remained agile.

Challenges I ran into

I thought I could tackle TensorFlow this weekend. After spending a few hours trying to grasp the basics, I settled on using off-the-shelf Google Prediction.

Additionally, the front end took more time than I anticipated. This was also largely due to the spotty wifi, which made it impossible to develop consistently.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out Google Prediction! The only node client available for it was out of date, so I had to edit the source code to make it run on the latest API version. Also, there is a good amount of polish on the front end. I started off as a backend coder but have been realizing lately the importance of user experience.

What I learned

I'm still capable of stepping up to the line.

What's next for How to LifeInsurance: FinancialLiteracy for Millenials

Better training models!

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