Inspiration I inspired because if it's possible to make this type of detection in or if it's already applied. I'm inspired in order to be created or the same system sends you an alert

What it does for example everybody who is the network got inside correctly but if the person is attempting to get inside or trying to pish the customer that had last session and then is trying to monitor you the data congestion. I know there are options to

How I built it. I was thinking of can be possible be created an extension of cisco routers and switches or a type of api

Challenges I ran into

I would like to create but I do not have any more information of sources associated

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I keep continuing to discover more challenges to be presented during data transferring

What's next for How to detect a breach vulnerability in the network

Look for more things I can discover. It can be monitored every second

Built With

  • cisco
  • framework
  • routing
  • switch
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