My inspiration is to see people getting cured from this deadly disease

What it does

This is a killer disease and everybody in the entire world is afraid of it since the cure is not yet available and people are dying every day because of it.

How I built it

To control it you must avoid crowded places, wear masks every time you are out of your house, wash your hands with a sanitizer for two seconds,drink a lot of water,avoid hugging, shaking hands or taking close to someone.

Challenges I ran into

While going to the market u'll find some people not wearing masks or other people still visiting one another

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Self quarantine my self because am safe.

What I learned

There is no cure for the disease but we can only control it for now

What's next for How to control covid19

Controlling covid19 depends with an individual,You have to choose the life style that will keep you safe unless you want to die

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