With the way that current lecture recordings are produced, students have a hard time with interacting with the professor and content given to them. Currently students can not ask questions on a video or communicate their thoughts on the subject and that has made learning the content more tedious and therefore lower the quality of their education. To see an example of what our school's recordings currently look like, see the attached image.

What it does

The website we created is designed to be a platform for more interactive questions and notes for students! When they post a question, the app will save the timestamp so it’s easier to refer to concepts and topics.

How I built it

We used a Youtube video to create a proof of concept, and we hope to expand our platform to more education services like Panopto and Zoom. We used HTML/CSS, javascript and Node.js.

Challenges I ran into

New languages! We ramped up on HTML/CSS, javascript and Node.js really quickly to build our website. This was challenging but it was so rewarding to see our project come alive!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

New languages!

What I learned

New languages! This is also the first hackathon for some of us. We experienced what it's like to work and build a product with a team really quickly! We are 3 siblings who learned how to work together!

What's next for How to Build a Yurt: An Enhanced Class Questions App

More features and pages, including:

  • Saving questions in a database
  • Data analytics for professor to get feedback on what questions students have
  • New page to upload videos
  • Answer threads

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