I am currently a senior in High School and am applying to college. It would have been helpful to have a similar site when I was applying.

What it does

The website provides helpful information on the application process, the SAT, the ACT and the best computer science colleges.

How I built it

The site was built using git, github and sublime.

Challenges I ran into

I have never done any programming before this so this was my first experience using all of the programs. I also had to complete the project by myself because my team members had to leave early on in the day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of myself for learning the basics of html and challenging myself to perfect the website to the best of my ability.

What I learned

I have learned that I am capable of coding. I never knew how to do any of this before today so I have learned Git, GitHub as well as Sublime.

What's next for How to Apply to College

Hopefully in the future, the site How to Apply to College could expand by implementing a blog, social media and new helpful tips for our young student readers.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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