We based this app around the idea that people like knowing what's going on around them, but are often just too lazy to open up a news-page or newspaper to read what's going on in the world. In fact, it seems sometimes that humanity has gotten so lazy these days that a substantial bulk of us have would much rather go with someone else's opinions rather than formulate their own. To this effect, we decided to make a Pebble app that would, in the simplest way possible, provide an opinion on the state of the world and inform people on what's going on in the comfort of their beds and on their toilets. In essence, this app targets every Pebble owner out there who value their time and sense of self-validation.

Our app takes data from various social media platforms (i.e. Bloomberg) and analyses the data to offer the user both a tremendously informed opinion ("Good" or "Bad") and a relevant news article title for any category of life they want (but for now, just the three that we implemented). Taking inspiration from the most self-fulfilling games out there (e.g. Flappy Bird, 2048), simplicity is one of the key design philosophies for this design. In that respect, we hope that our app would be equally fulfilling for the human soul.

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