• We wanted to create a space where people who currently are involved in the Growing-Gardens community could build trusting relationships with each other. By sharing their involvement through posts, photos, comments, and recipes, we hope that they would be enticed to participate in discussions with others who share common interests and needs. They would be able to reach out and simply ask - Hows it growing?

What it does

Current functionality: It allows members of the community to sign in, select which language they would prefer to view the app in, view posts on the community page, create a new post, add tags to that post, and submit to the community page.

How we built it

We started with the Kickstarter-js-kit and divided the work among different pages using javascript with React. Throughout the day we integrated each page together, merging often and working incrementally.

Challenges we ran into

  • Some lack of knowledge of React made for a knowledge gap
  • Merge issues with the number of commits happening
  • Issues running sample project so we had trouble getting started

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • When creating a post on the community page, we added interactive tags that you can create as well as drag and drop them to change the order.
  • Hamburger menu
  • Login page throws errors if you do not fill out fields and select a language
  • "I am really proud of my team" - Jasem

What we learned

  • Understanding the scope of a hackathon
  • Learning the importance of talking over the whole group's objectives to pave a path. We learned how to group movement toward one objective instead of working on conflicting ideas.
  • Getting React components to interact with each other.
  • Some of us had never used Yarn so it was a good learning experience

What's next for How's it Growing?

-Build out a filtering system based on tags with icons for usability purposes. -Members would be able to comment on posts to communicate with each other and read through comments on other posts. -Facilitators of correctional facilities would have access to the app and can post on inmates behalf. -Recipe creator based on ingredients that you have. -A calendar page for updates on best growing periods. -Fully translated App

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