Stocks and finance topics are sometimes more difficult for younger generations to understand, and are often seen as boring. So we wanted to make a convenient, minimalistic website that will give stock recommendations based on the user's profile image to encourage earlier interest in stock investment.

What it does

The first user inputs his/her photo or the budgetary restrictions to the site, which then contacts the finance server that maintains live stock data in a MongoDB database. The server will determine what stock best fits the user based on the input received and the current stock value. It will then notify the user via the website interface.

How I built it

We used angular for the website user-interface. We are also running docker on google cloud. This hosts the MongoDB database and the python code to interact with it. The database is updated with current stock prices using the yahoo-finance API. The server also hosts the python code to determine stock based on images or budget.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into organizational problems but it was resolved by dividing tasks up on Trello and asking the mentors questions. We also googled a lot. We were also fairly slow getting started because we needed to configuring development environments and teach each other about different programming libraries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None of us knew each other before the Hackathon started, and we are all from different schools. We're glad that we were able to make new friends. We were able to work together to create a new and exciting product.

What I learned

There's never too much googling. Most importantly, even if somebody doesn't know how to code, they can contribute and learn a lot. We all learned about new APIs, new ways to code, and a lot about each other.

What's next for How Rich Do You Look?

We want to streamline the UI and make it more interactive. We could also implement stock prediction algorithms to suggest stocks based on expected trends rather than current trends.

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