Inspiration: There was no budgeting app like the one we were looking for and wanted to solve this problem.

What it does: You plug in your income as well as any fixed bills and the app will tell you how much money you can spend on other things without overdrafting your account or worrying about paying your bills. The app takes in your income, subtracts any bills for that pay period and returns the "Extra Money". As a comical feature, we included the ability to have the app tell you what various food items you can by with your extra money.

How we built it: We used Illustrator and Photoshop for the graphic designing and Komodo, Cloud9, and sublime for our IDE's. We also used the Ionic framework and angular.js framework. We originally gave a rough draft on and then began our first version on pure HTML and CSS. From there we moved on to Ionic/Angular for the javascript where our project was finished with.

Challenges we ran into: The first four ideas that we had already started, we found out while we were building them that they already existed and had to turn to something else. Once we bean working on How Much How Many, we found out during the brainstorming stage that a lot of math and algorithms would have to be implemented and had to find a way to make this app work without such complexity because our allotted amount of time. We also had one member of our group give up the first day so we had to carry on the extra weight of one less person on our team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Greatly improved knowledge of Illustrator and photoshop as well as HTML,CSS, and Javascript. We all attended the Git workshop and learned about something that we didn't know existed that would be so useful later on. Bringing together extremely different skills from complete strangers was also a big accomplishment as it proves that you don't need to have skilled programmers and friends in your team to make a successful project.

What we learned: That one of us can go over 48 hours of no sleep. We learned lots of valuable skills (programming languages) and we learned how to work together fast, and efficient.

What's next for How Much How Many: Future polishing of the app, more time to think carefully about the math and algorithms and hopefully release it as an app that people can use in their daily life!

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