While browsing through interesting datasets, we found one on DataisPlural about the success rates of Kickstarted and IndieGoGo campaigns. We thought about how these websites were similar to GoFundMe and similar services, where people often go when they need help. Wouldn't it be great if people starting campaigns like these could better gauge how much they can raise?

What It Does

"How Much Can I Raise?" is a web app that takes in information on what kind of Kickstarter campaigns the user is interested in exploring (by category, country, etc.) and then presents the success rate of similar campaigns, amounts raised, and common words in successful campaigns.

How I Built It

We used Dash to create our user interface. On the backend, we parsed JSON files from the Kickstarter dataset into CSV files that we then saved into a PostgreSQL database. We used Python psycopg2 as a database driver to interact with the database. On the front end, we made a Python Dash app that can be accessed by a user with a running ngrok server.

Challenges I Ran Into

We ran into many challenges, including: -Not having experience connecting a database to a front end interface -Being unsure of how to host the web app for presentation -Find a suitable API for text analysis -And much more!

Accomplishments That I'm Proud Of

We are proud of putting together a web accessible app through dash, and creating a user responsive interface that quickly sorts through data and generates easy to read results. None of us had experience with web apps, so learning a completely new facet of hacking was a challenge. However, now being able to use and interact with what we created is incredibly rewarding, because we understand and appreciate the complexity behind the user interface.

What I Learned

We learned a lot about maneuvering Python Dash, and about how to create appealing data visualizations. The younger members of our team learned about how to parse through data files and how to interact with large databases. In the end, we learned most about how to connect up different platforms of code in order to create cohesive product.

What's Next for "How Much Can I Raise?"

While making "How Much Can I Raise?" we had limited time, so we had to skip some of the features that we wanted to build. These included further breakdowns of categories, such as the duration of campaigns and the original amount requested. We would also like to add more visualizations.

In the long term, we think that finding similar data from websites like GoFundMe would be incredibly helpful for people trying to raise money for medical, donation, and volunteer expenses.

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