The first home buyer scheme for mosquitoes!!!

This proposal aim to stop the mosquito breeding through disrupting their life cycle. We provide mosquitoes with habitats or mini- ponds to safely lay eggs.

This man made places will be an environmental friendly metal pot or terracotta pot, mouth covered with a 2mm net filled with water. This gives a good opportunity for mosquitoes to lay eggs. After they lay eggs it will grow in our man made environment stage by stage Larva, Pupa and it will try to complete the cycle and leave as a full grown mosquito with size 4-8mm long but it will trap them inside man made environment.

We need to keep this types of pots around university buildings, open area (picnic areas),pathways , bus stops, car parks and surrounding bush areas. The optimum places will be above ground level, around the buildings. Twenty pots per a floor area of 1000m2 building would be ideal. In the open areas (bus stops, car parks, pathways, etc.) safely placed below ground level pots or above ground level pots (maybe decorated pots to provide an aesthetic value) hanging 1.5m above ground level from trees would be ideal.

Items required Pots 10000 (Without holes in the bottom) 2 mm net 900m2 Cable tight 10000 Garden Spade 50

How to do Ask university students, staff and their families to sign up for this worthy cause happening at the UON Community Garden on one of the Saturday or a Sunday morning and group them into 10 member team with a team leader. Each team would be given instruction and area to complete the job with pots. University will provide meals through Unifood with a mobile food truck. If possible, Uni will pay each participants $100 irrespective of their age for the worthy cause. This will be a family fun day with exercise and problem solving.

Costs involved; Item Cost Pots $2*10000
2-3mm nets $5000 Cable tight $1000 Garden Spade $2000

Total cost will be around $45,000 including products, manpower and refreshments No of dates needed for the initiation of the project is just 1-2 days.

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