Do you know the exact number of women who are in space right now?

So far there have been 566 astronauts from 41 different countries who have been in space. Only 65 of those astronauts were women. It was only after the 1980s when flight programs began including women, however, men are still chosen significantly more creating an immense gender gap of astronauts who have been in space. From when Neil Armstrong took the first big leap for mankind to now, 12 men have stepped foot on the Moon. Only after 2024 as part of the Artemis Program, the first woman will land on the Moon. We are constantly exploring our solar system but we shouldn't let it be seen through the eyes of just one gender. We need more women in space. Gender diversity in the aerospace industry is an extremely important issue for us, here at the howmanywomenareinspacerightnow team and we wanted the world to become more aware of this issue.

What our site does:

Provides real-time updates of the number of female astronauts in the Low Earth Orbit

How we built it:

Using HTML, CSS, and javascript with access to the NASA and CSA astronaut databases

What's next for How Many Women Are In Space Right Now?

Our website is currently deployed on and we hope to expand by adding capacities by Country, Agency, and an iOS app

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