Apple got rid of the bling (green light) on the side of our MacBooks that told of the battery percent when closed :(. So we had to come in with a quick fix.

What it does

While your Mac is closed, you are able to see how much battery you have left. Through the app, you are also able to see if you left you Mac connected.

How I built it

We built a server, automated a terminal command and learned swift to create a widget to stream the data channels we wanted from the mac to the iPhone.

Challenges I ran into

We first tried to use Bluetooth to display the battery power of the MacBook on the iPhone but were not able to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The group consisted of members who were at their second and first hackathon. We are very excited at what we were able to do in just 18 hours!

What I learned

We learned how to use terminal, cron, Python, flask, swift, and APIs.

What's next for How Lit?

We're launching worldwide baby
...Coming Fall 2085

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