Most Youth are plain adventurers, much like a toddler is ignorant of the ledge, the path straight ahead in pharmaceuticals may be a dive straight down, without the spiritual para-sail. In this series of Infotainment, based on real life cases I have encountered, I add caution signs and information of wisdom capital, the precious baggage to backpack with.

What it does

Entertains and Informs, contributes precious payload, much more than a group of JSON objects, it is living code, life in Alexa's voice, a VUI of wisdom from the ages, of a spiritual para-sail, a freedom from the path of prescribed or recreational pharmaceuticals, An insiders view on what actually happens and the abuse done, sometimes irreversible, to memory, dreams, the experience and the psyche, the thin line. To Stop Before The Line.

How I built it

With a combination of Amazon's SFB, the CLI tools and other freeware tools, low code is used effectively to script Alexa skills with precious premium content, the best things are indeed free, but the premium content is valuable too...

Challenges I ran into

Downloading freemium tools and dodging the dark web.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Every life saved is the day earned, the recovery from the dark web of abuse, both prescribed, from a dark recess of a hospice, to that of a hostel, every survivor tells his tales. At the end of the day, I go to bed, satisfied that I have saved another life, even if it is a hapless aged woman or a youth, yet to taste life.

What I learned

Low Code solutions are indispensable, a brave new world, have not seen any pitfalls yet, just the benefits of simplicity, maybe the future, I should add a word of thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Amazon team for the amazing heavylifting they have done.

What's next for How I abused my dreams?: An Infotainment By Vayu Vaidya

Alcoholism has killed many a bird, even before they took flight, in this next series, we explore with real life cases why the fuel should be down the generator tank not yours!

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