Everytime I enter a hackathon, I go for a walk to think of problems I can solve with tech. This time I was walking and saw that almost everybody around me was wearing neck gaiters or bandanas as masks. Knowing that these couldn't stop the virus, I made it my mission to inform people about which masks are good, and which ones are bad.

What it does

My website is a questionnaire. The questions are about what characteristics your mask has. These characteristics give you a certain amount of points based on how good or bad they are. The points are then added up to make your score. Your score is then used to find the status of your mask. Your status is a keyword(great, terrible, ok, etc.) and a paragraph to go more in-depth about how your mask could be better. To sum up my website, it is a questionnaire that tells you how good or terrible your mask is, and how it could improve

How we built it

Ever since I learned Django, I've been grinding on making websites with different characteristics. When I thought of the idea, I just changed the whole back-end and made huge modifications to the front end so that It would fit my idea.

Challenges we ran into

Ever since online school started, we have gotten ssoooo much more homework. my challenge in a nutshell Hacking, Unicycling, Schoolwork, Gaming. The 4 hobbies lived in harmony until the schoolwork attacked. They had shrouded gaming and most of unicycling! Only the mother watcher of all four hobbies could write complaints to the school, but when the world needed her most, she vanished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud to say that the website works exactly how I envisioned it to. With more time, I bet I could put it up online for anyone to see.

What's next for How Good Is Your Mask?

If I am able to win something in this hackathon, then I will update my project and put it up online. I will then replace the GitHub link(below. check it out, download it, go to terminal and run the server then check out the site.)with a link to my website.

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