It's an application that requires smartphone and gear2.

Nowadays, many people willingly use navigator or map app to get information about the place they want. "How far?" provides a service that measures the distance from current location to the destination. So, you can easily get how far from here to there. You can check the distance using only gear2 without handling smartphone. It also provides progress bar to help understand how close to the destination.

How to use If you run the app in gear2, host app in smartphone starts automatically. Realtime measuring distance starts after searching a destintion and clicking the search button.


  1. Can drag a marker to change other destination wherever you want.
  2. Can use the bookmark to register your favorite addresses. It also can be seen in your gear2. It automatically starts measuring distance when you select the bookmark in gear2.
  3. Can see your bookmark list in gear2 by sliding screen horizontally.

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