There are so many different apps available for women, but there were no apps about relationship advice for men. We are answering a pretty basic need: when men are in relationships with women, it’s important to know the basic science about what’s going on with her and how it can impact our day, our relationship, and family.

What it does

A revolutionary skill that delivers daily, customized tips to help men become better husbands and partner—and reap the rewards that come from happy, fulfilling relationships. Men receive a tip every day about how they can best meet their wives’ needs. Using a proprietary algorithm and data you supply about your partner's monthly cycle, HDHK can anticipate your wife’s needs—before she even knows them! Daily, customized tips will help you understand your wife’s monthly changes—physically and emotionally—and provide you with insight to ‘wow’ her each and every day.

How we built it

Started as an iPhone app which we ported the daily tip feature to an Alexa skill. We store the tips and user settings in DynamoDB and wrote the code in Java.

Challenges we ran into

Converting the tip data from a visual medium with embedded links to pure audio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got the skill up and running in just a couple of days time after gathering tools and experience in Lambda deployment and debugging and learning DynamoDB.

What we learned

We learned about tools to easy Lambda deployment and debugging and how to use DynamoDB.

What's next for How Did He Know

Improved interaction with the tips, refined tips to better suite audio, and images on the app cards to accompany the tip text.

Built With

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