We came into SOHacks not knowing anything about web development so we decided to expand our knowledge by taking two CodeUp workshops to learn about HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. We decided to utilize the information they taught us to create a webpage using Sublime. Our idea was to create page that generated appropriate pictures and music based on the selected mood. We utilized an API from Mashape to generate random images. Our target user is anyone who is having a bad day or just needs a good laugh as they can access our page to view a variety of humorous images.

While making the page, we really wanted to test out our knowledge and challenge ourselves by testing out some extra features we learned on our own! Our "spontaneous" page took a great deal of coding that we are very proud of! It manipulates a gif so it prints it moving across the screen in various numbers and sizes and as the code progresses the number of "dittos" gradually increases until the screen is filled. Completing this page also gave us a sense of satisfaction as we were able to learn and maneuver through so many aspects of HTML in such a short amount of time.

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