As technology continues to advance, the quality of photographs from smartphone cameras has reached levels that were reserved for professional equipment in recent years.

Today, smartphones produce sharp, high resolution images without graininess.

Nighttime and portrait photography features on smartphones has generated professional quality pictures.

We also want to look at content creation through style-transfer.

What it does

Creating a new look on artwork based on well-known artwork styles.

How we built it

By utilizing Pytorch library instances on GoogleColab, we were able to successfully train neural networks that will generate creative artwork pieces.

Challenge we ran into

Finding a good question to explore

CUDA runtime errors due to lack of storage when training the neural network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By collaborating effectively, we overcame our challenge. We created Doge artwork based on mosaic, the rain princess, the wave, and the muse art styles.

What we learned

Creating artwork with machine learning is extremely unique and a fun way to get involved in the art community.

What's next for How AI is Making Your Smartphone a Better Camera

We want to create artwork to showcase on Non-fungible token (NFT) art marketplaces, so that folks know that with the utilization of innovative technologies, such as machine learning frameworks, we can create artwork.

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