Team Members

  • Micheael A. Mcnair
  • Sam De Lara
  • David Gu
  • Peter Iordanov


Healthcare and Medicine


  • Platform: HTC Vive
  • Development Tools: Unity, Maya (Educational License)
  • SDKs: SteamVR

Unity Store Packages Used:

Two Million User Party Pack

Free Stylized Nature Environment

  • Balloon
  • Grass, with color modification
  • Trees, with color modification
  • Foliage, with color modification
  • Flowers 1-6, with color modification
  • Terrain
  • Soccer ball

Other Assets (Music/ meshes)

  • Deer
  • Bunny
  • Birds
  • Bench

  • Ping sound


  • Birds chirping

  • Main theme


We believe in mobilizing every elderly patient in the country. Hospitals have tried a lot of different methods to get the elderly or the sick to get up and move around during long visits to the hospital or long term care. What HOVR wants to accomplish is to utilize VR technology by encompassing their body and movement in a VR experience in other areas of the country.

We are a group of five strangers that got together to fight a bad and expensive problem for hospitals around the country. We see the potential and scale for a device like this in the healthcare market. There are countless studies that have been documented about mental health issues in hospitals that if changing the state of the patient can accelerate the recovery process. What if you could help the recovery issue of hospital patients and have the confidence that having your elder in long term care is a positive thing.


Some of the challenges that we ran into with this device is the ability of the calibration between connecting the feet and the motion of the device at the same time. Also most of the environments that we like to use we want to make diagnostic to people and where they have been at. Time constraints make that pretty difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of the accomplishments we are proud of is the fact that our product does so much for the hospital work flow. We understand that their is a problem in the healthcare industry and this is a solution to the problem. There has been countless tactics on helping elderly patients continuing their mobility in hospitals. Fitbits are a tactic to help track steps, nurses pick patients out of the bed to walk them around the hospital and this could be a potential danger for the patient.

What we learned

HOVR reduces the danger to patients but allows the individual to stimulate their brain and not even notice the hovr device. Some of the things that we learned came from growing as people. We are complete strangers that came up with an idea that could help people mentally and physically. We feel that is powerful within itself. As we take a step back at ourselves we asked how could we be more mobile in our own lives. Our project has made us better advocates for our health.

What's next for HOVR

HOVR has alot to accomplish but we are turning a simple process into a scaleable business. We will add in apple bluetooth connection, and expand the demographic to help gather data lower insurance companies by showing the progress of our users. We are also going to create a SAAS model so that hospitals can push it out over all their software. We are building in different 3D environments so that users can experience multiple 360 immersive experiences. We believe that technology is the way to help us change our normalities.

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