To meet California's carbon emissions goals, we need to #electrifyeverything - converting gas-burning home appliances to electric as fast as possible. Targeting and engaging communities will be necessary to implement appliance electrification throughout Santa Clara County.

What it does

Our tool interfaces with the community and brings the data back to the decision maker, in order to prioritize resources and efficiently build an electrification movement.

How we built it

We utilized Google cloud platform tools and created an easily extensible format for growth in the future as the targeted communities expand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a very diverse team, spanning k-12 educators, back end developers, data viz managers, growth engineers, engagement experts, and project managers. We created a solution that features an aspect of each of our focus areas, and we're excited with the outcomes.

What's next for Houston, we solved a problem

Well.. there are more problems to solve! And we'd love to work with SVCE to build out the map to include additional layers of information and help refine the targets.

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