To innovate a cool, easy, way that moves Houston's tourism and economy forward and serves a growing need to explore local Houston sights. The SuperBowl, Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau, and other major partners would have a strategic way heighten greater engagement that encourages more tourism and creates commerce in Houston.

What it does

Houston Sights connects citizens and visitors to a better experience of all Houston has to offer by generating customized, guided tours based on user preferences and location. Adaptive tour generation by user search preference:

History Culture Art Science Food Museum Shopping Park Landmark Spiritual Entertainment

How we built it

Coordinated efforts using Java, android studio, google maps, and imaging software.

Challenges we ran into

Android platform credentialing issues with Google Map key resulting from trying to share code without GitHub were overcome by debugging and troubleshooting together. Location intensive testing while in the coding environment was done by adapting distance parameters to suit user needs and variations in device gps recognition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing a working model that is a prototype for how the Super Bowl and other major events will attract and engage millions of people each year.

What we learned

We can mastermind to solve more problems with combined effort. Our definition of a what a tour should be was informed by how a user would experience our application.

What's next for Houston Sights

Future android and iOS app versions would incorporate detailed layouts for conferences, expos, or major events like super bowl etc. Commercial applications could eventually entail relevant branded messaging or advertising when user is in proximity to events, displays, and ongoing messaging based on user location.

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