Even though laws many states in the U.S. provide tenants moderate to substantial recourse against negligent or abusive landlords, many tenants remain at a disadvantage when landlord-tenant conflicts arise. Tenants facing eviction or living in poorly maintained buildings often under-utilize legal resources at their disposal.

A chatbot inspired by the "DoNotPay" bot, which was originally created for users in Great Britain to appeal their own parking tickets.

What it does

This bot is designed to help you understand your rights as a tenant and empower you to take action from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Once the bot has collected sufficient information about a case, it can suggest a course of action for the user, and even (this part is currently being built) generate letters or court filings if necessary. It can also suggest points of contact for in-person legal assistance from a legal aid organization or reduced fee attorney.

How we built it and Coggle

Challenges we ran into

Looking for a way to generate documents (such as .docx and .pdf) based on a user's responses to the bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a (mostly) functioning chat bot overnight!

What we learned

The role you pick in a project may not be the one you are best at.

What's next for Houston Eviction Fighter

Once the document generation issue is solved, completing the chatbot and pushing it out to Houston.

Built With

  • coggle
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