I have a newborn, so I needed a project that I could develop rapidly and get back to working on my hashtag dad bod.

What it does

This dashboard takes the same crime data that the City provides to and creates a more meaningful and easily digestible visualization of the WHOLE data set.

How I built it

As mentioned, Tableau is a tool that is great for rapid development of data visualizations. Most of my time was spent cleaning and preparing the data and formatting. The visualizations took a minimal amount of time.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't fully understand all the types of crime included in the data set and had trouble categorizing it appropriately. The data set seems to include reports of crime that may or not have been a crime.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is about 4 hours of total work.

What I learned

Don't go outside between the hours of 10PM-4AM on the weekends.

What's next for Houston Crime Dashboard

I want to integrate the data with budget data to demonstrate how the cities budget priorities are changing to respond to crime trends.

Also, the data needs some validation to ensure we categorize crime correctly.

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