We are foodies and love finding new places to eat. But sometimes, it's hard to find a good place unless someone recommends it, or you read about it in a magazine, or you live nearby. We wanted to build a way to find highly rated places in areas we wouldn't normally visit.

How it works

The map-centric application loads with a map of the Houston area and a slider at the bottom with different types of international cuisines to choose from. Pick what you're in the mood for, and the map shows you where there are higher concentrations of that type of cuisine. Zoom in to the area and individual restaurants pop up with Google, Yelp and Houston Health Department ratings.

Challenges I ran into

Initially we started working on an app that pulled health department data to see trends of bad health scores. But we weren't able to find any obvious trends. There doesn't seem to be a concentration of bad health scores in any particular area. While combing through the data however we discover a cultural trend, so the app shifted direction.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is actually a fully functional, usable application.

What I learned

We learned that Houston is a wonderfully diverse city and that we have a TON of new places and areas to explore.

What's next for Houston Community Eats

Hopefully working with the city to get access to the live version of the base health inspection data and build this into an applications Houstonians rely on to find good authentic international food.

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