We created Houston because as a future entrepreneurs we've personally struggled with finding good problems to solve. We keep hearing that you need to solve a problem that you yourself have but frankly after thinking long and hard we haven't really being able to come with an idea that we think can one day become a great company. Ironically this motivated us to create Houston.

What it does

Houston is a site with a curated list of interesting problems that people have but have struggled to solve. The idea is that with time Houston becomes a repository of great business opportunities for entrepreneurs that are not sure where to start or don't have a great idea that they're passionate about.

How we built it

We built using a couple of open source libraries for the front end + React/GraphQL/MongoDB to rounds things off. We also use Figma to design certain key interactions.

Challenges we ran into

YC's firewall tripped us up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Shipping an MVP and making good trade-offs

What we learned

It's important to identify your key value prop and build just that. Time is of the essence.

What's next for Houston

So much! We need to improve the composer experience, mechanics for defining problems, twitter integration, profiles, settings and soo much more.

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