Inspiration: -Teachers (Ms Monalisa / Ms Pooja) -Opportunity to help community -We picked this project because we could implement this with the knowledge of the technologies that we have learned so far

What it does

It helps potentail low-income homebuyers to get information on below market program, check if they are eligible and start their application process

How we built it

We gathered requirements, created a plan, divided tasks so that it can be done in smaller teams. We used Python, HTML, CSS, Google spreadsheets, JQuery.

Challenges we ran into

Code overwriting & integration issues due to shared work-space Had to learn new technologies on the fly to complete solution Had to clarify the problem Housing Trust is facing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we learned new technologies and ability to help people

What we learned

Kids (and parents) learned many new scripts and functions that can be used in the future, and also how to use a large number of tech platforms that I can use in the future as well.

What's next for HousingTrust

HousingTrust needs to get c9 paid version to host their python script We also need to add some form validations and fix an issue with GoogleSpreadsheet where the form data starts appending after line 1000

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