I want to support the Cardano community to have a more efficient and fair world in the future.

What it does

It's a system that will help low-income families to have a bit less stressful life. Gives easier access for funding projects that have good long-term effects. Government and institutions who want to help have easier access to see where their help could have the most impact.

How I built it

I have not built it

Challenges I ran into

How to write Smart Contract so it would store relevant information and automatically execute when enough required information is gathered and the consensus is achieved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned about blockchain enough to compose an idea into video format.

What I learned

There are a lot of families that are severely cost-burdened, paying more than half their income on rent. USA Goverment spends more than a trillion dollars on welfare and we don't know how impactful the housing programs are.

What's next for Housing for Low-Income People

Learn to create NFT Tokens, Smart Contracts, and find partners who are also interested in building this system.



Built With

  • marlowe
  • project-catalyst
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