No matter how many salaries women gain compared to their husbands, people always expect women to play the role of a "caregiver" in a household and expect them to do most household duties. However, this contribution towards the whole family is often ignored since housework isn't regarded as a common duty, but only women's. Based on this fact, we decided to build a mobile app that can display all the chores and spilt the housework among husbands and wives. Using this app, we hope that household members will raise their awareness of household chores and generate better solutions for balancing household duties.

What it does

Our app can show the to-do list of all the chores to be done, record what has been done and the corresponding member's progress, and display a warning message if there is imbalance between two members' progress. The icon will become gray when the housework is checked. We use bunny couples as our logo and expect bunnies will display different moods and health regarding different amounts of housework they have done compared to their couple. It also generates credits for each chorus and has a rewarding mechanism to reward the bunnies that do the best and the ones who improved in the largest amount. The calendar page summarizes the data of each day.

How we built it

We used Lucidchart to build flowchart, and Figma to design the UI, and use Xcode with swift to build our app.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had experience with mobile app development or Xcode before, so we ran into tons of trouble from installation to implementation. We weren’t able to download the same version of Xcode since we have different Mac OS, and this caused problems when we tried to integrate different swift files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Four sophomores who never create any mobile app before did this app from a stretch in a DAY!

What's next for HouseWE)

We would love to continue working on this project after Pearl Hacks. We will 1) refine the current UI, 2) add more features to it, and 3) build platforms for users to communicate and interact with each other!

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