How it came to be: Our original ideas were to tackle industry-level problems with B2B oriented solutions, but we quickly ran into issues finding data substantial enough to justify pursuing each solution.

We then turned to agriculture and the food industry, but found ourselves confronted with existing projects for every idea that we generated.

Finally, I remembered a prank design I had been shown on Twitter where an iPhone alarm would not turn off until everyone in a certain groupchat was awake enough to turn the alarm off.

Having been frustrated with the half-load-dishwasher usage in my house, I brought the two ideas together– a system to solicit everyone before a dishwasher is run to make sure the dishwasher is full and thus does not waste water.

Connecting the endpoints to our personalized, app-specific data was a challenge on the backend, but numbers are still enterable on the app. The two designers on the team learned best practices in managing design assets and learning the workflow of collaborating with an engineer.

Overall, we are excited to have completed a project and are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this year’s HackTech competition.

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